Do you only deliver in Northern Ireland?
No, distance is not an issue, our sheds can be delivered anywhere in Ireland.

What is the procedure for ordering a shed?
Simply contact a member of the H2 team and we will be happy to put your shed on order and we will deal with the rest.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
A small deposit is required when ordering a shed. This can be discussed with a team member at time of order.

Who will erect my shed?
H2 Sheds assembly crew erects all sheds, apart from flat packs and garden sheds. All members of our assembly crew have a minimum of 5 years experience.

Can you build sheds to a specific size?
We can build to most specifications. We can also put doors and windows wherever the customer pleases.

Do I have to put down a concrete base? And if so, what is the specification?
At time of order, we will specify the size of the foundation required. The foundation should be a minimum of 4 inches deep (6 inches if you are intending large vehicles to be parked in it).

How long will I have to wait for my shed?
This is dependant on a number of different variables. Please contact one of our sales team to get an update on our delivery dates.

What will prevent condensation in my Shed?
We offer a non-drip roof cladding on all our sheds. This is basically our standard sheet only with a fleece on the underside. This fleece helps to absorb most moisture/condensation and helps prevents it from dripping. By using this on a roof it can help eliminate most of the moisture/condensation which helps to keep the interior of the building drier.

Do H2 sheds require planning permission?
Most of our smaller buildings don’t require planning permission, however some of our larger buildings may. Please check with your local planning offices for more information on what type of shed would need planning.

Do H2 sheds require a building control approval?

Any shed over 30m2 will require a building control approval. With H2 sheds you can have piece of mind that we can build your shed to our engineers report enabling it to meet building control specification. We can also offer to make the building control application for you if required. For more information click Building Control NI.

What colours are available? Can I choose different colours?
We have a variation of colours, and you may select the walls, roof, doors and trim colour at no additional cost.

What’s the difference between a Standard Pedestrian door and a Premium Pedestrian door?

A Standard Pedestrian door in not guaranteed to be water proof where a premium steel pedestrian door is a insulated door and it’s guaranteed water proof.